smartpropertyblockchain.ca  Inc. 2016  

*  Canadian Scientific Development Tax federal credit refunds   of    up to  one   million dollars CAD.

​Manitoba SBVC Small Business Venture Capital  Fund credits up to $225,000 at $120,000 CAD    Manitoba Tax Credit per year.


Why now?   Banks are failing all over the world.

Why now?   Centralized exchanges do not give you your keys. “Not Your Keys- Not Your Coins.”

Why now?   Fiat currency is inflating unsustainably.

Why now?   Bitcoin is the opportunity of our lives  as the  world moves to Web 3  and currency and identity go digital.

Why now?  The chip shortage is over. RISC-V chips  are now available so that ends royalties to ARM!

Why now?   Biometric  sensors have increased in quality and decreased in price dramatically.

Why now?  Web 3  is here and using our partners building The Earth Station wallet  device will be  much faster.

     Smart Property Blockchain CA  offers   a software application  that  stores verifiable  tamper-proof  data about  a person's identity, real estate, and other valuable properties .  These digital NFTs  can be used  to prove  ownership, authenticity, and value for insurance or appraisal. These files contain digitized versions of the land title and transfer documents. Plus  existing surveys, and new surveys using advanced geomatics, and  360-degree super high definition interior room scans. With technology that can also be used to create VR  tours by real estate sales personnel or security advisors , and  to  create 3D printed scale models of the property. Advanced  open source mapping programs like QGIS and Mapbox create reports on real estate far beyond an ordinary appraisal. The  information is secured on the Smart Property blockchain main-net that will have nodes in major cities strategically  placed around the globe 100% powered by solar power.

         Documents can be accessed from our high security data-centre network.   Clients receive their personal  'Earth Station' hardware wallet to hold assets.  They  will be protected from the accidental or intentional destruction of public records at the land registries, or from EMP grid-down scenarios. Their data is safe in one or more of the eight data centers.  The Winnipeg based development team for the hardware wallet is working on  the world's safest wallet and the first  one that leaves the cryptographic keys in the hands of  their owners.