For the first time property owners will now have access to a software package that promises indestructible, absolutely secure, tamper-proof and accurately verifiable data, about their real-estate, works of art, horses and livestock, boats etc. Digital records that can be used by an expert-witness before a judge to determine ownership, authenticity, value for insurance, or appraisal. These files contain digitized versions of the land title and transfer documents, existing surveys, new surveys using advanced geomatics, photographs, 360-degree super high definition interior room scans, using technology that can also be used to create Virtual Reality tours by real-estate sales personnel or security advisors , and 3D printed scale models of the property.

The block of information is secured on the smartpropertyblockchain main-net blockchain which would run over a larger blockchain. Currently development is underway with some potential candidate companies, Metaverse, Factom, Blockchain Foundry and the Bitcoin Cash ABC network. Notes on the project’s communications and preliminary exploration of the short-listed blockchain service providers may be available on request to interested parties. 

Factom from Austin Texas has the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and several United States Law Enforcement Agencies under the Department of Homeland Security as clients. Metaverse is from Shanghai. Their CEO Eric Gu first introduced Vitalik Buterin to China and is well established in China with the most functional system; but Factom has the best overall design at present. Blockchain Foundry is a third blockchain provider with whom we are working, after our initial meeting in New York.

Smartpropertyblockchain will have nodes in major cities strategically spotted around the globe. Sites will be called ‘Museums’, they will not be open to the public. They will however be open to public access for certain public data such as the Official Olympic Records, and Race Horse breeding and performance records, and more. The first sites will be set up in Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Abuja, Kolkata, Baden-Baden, Toronto, and San Diego.

Data that is time-stamped and encrypted will be stored in a high security, self-reliant solar powered data-centre, that has an air-gap to the outside world. Permissioned Action Links PAL will authorize every interaction with the system. Every action will leave an immutable record on two public blockchains making hacking attempts visible and traceable. Data will never be lost or destroyed, but data will be able to be expunged as ‘Right to be forgotten’ legislation is possible in the future. The database will use a flat file system to isolate each user and their data from SQL searches.

The proposed price would be about $1.00 per square foot of building space, and 10 cents per square foot of land. Marketing will not reveal security features of the product to the public, such as community integrated security, the one-mile security zone, topographical reference for properties on hilly terrain, fire flood earthquake and landslide assessment reports, utility service analysis, and recommendations.

Buyers will be protected from the accidental or intentional destruction of public records at the land registries, or even by EMP grid-outages. Their data is safe in one or more of the eight museums. Owners of this product will enjoy leafing on their phone through assets that they have not seen  for some time. Available first as an Android mobile and desktop cloud based application. Buyers will get an encrypted hard copy thumb-drive for their safe, and guaranteed updates as technology progresses and formats change over time.

There are no plans to move into real-estate sales or to transfer of ownership; simply enhanced appraisals stored on a public blockchain. There are plans to have a weekly automated appraisal feature that would once per week calculate the property's  appraisal value. There are plans for future development of an  artpropertyblockchain product.

System architect is Jeremiah Coffey. The project gathers sales data from the newly deregulated MLS sales reports using open source PHP cURL and R. This was our biggest hurdle, before the new Ontario court decision we would have had to pay fees to join many regional Real Estate Boards to get access to the sales prices from MLS multiple listing service data, now the data is available for free.

The system integrates old data with Base64 encoding breaking it down to binary then re-assembling in a common language, then it uses SHA-512 encryption, with an Ed25519 signature hash that can process 64 separate PAL permission requests. Each museum will be an identical copy of the other databases. The network will have redundant broadband cellular, satellite, and cable internet connection options for fallback. The museums will run on 12-volt solar power, and be custom built small cement structures located in well lit fenced compounds with video surveillance and alarms.

Smartpropertyblockchain.ca incorporated is a federally registered Canadian corporation. Listing on the Canadian Security Exchange  is being considered.

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